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I am a graduate of Military Medical University in Łódź. Just after studies I started work as an academic teacher, first at Human Physiology Institute, then, since 2002 at Department of Adult Psychiatry of Medical University in Łódź.

In 2003 I achieved a doctorate degree in Medicine. In 2012 I was qualified as an university professor in Medicine, specialization in Psychiatry.

I have the honour to work in one of the best team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Poland. People with a long-standing clinical and practical experience supported by the latest scientific knowledge. The Department of Adult Psychiatry of Łódź is currently one of the most thriving scientific centers dealing with psychiatry in Poland.

choroba schizofrenia
These disorders occur in conditions of difficulties in adjustment to new, often unexpected life circumstances (for example: starting school, lack of personal successes, motherhood, retirement/pension, heartbreak, physical disability, change of life role).

Adjustment disorders can be a direct consequence of hard stress or unexpected life situation.

Individual predispositions play an important role in genesis and forming of symptoms, which can be varied and include usually following signs:

  • uncertainty, fears in planning future,
  • helplessness, apathy, sadness,
  • sleep disturbances,
  • anxiety attitude,
  • troubles at work,
  • transient troubles with concentration and memory,
  • libido decrease.

Post- traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) are retarded or/and lengthened reaction to an event or stress situation of exceptionally dangerous or catastrophic character which is traumatic nearly to every man (for instance natural catastrophe, war, rape , presence at somebody’s violent death, real threat of health or life loss).

Characteristic symptoms are:

  • repetitive episodes of experiencing the past psychic trauma in persistently recurring memories and/or dreams.
  • sense of numbness and emotional coolness,:)
  • avoiding of contacts with other people, lack of ability for experiencing happiness,:)
  • intensified alertness, sleep disorders,:)
  • compensative alcohol and other intoxicating means abuse can often appear.

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