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I am a graduate of Military Medical University in Łódź. Just after studies I started work as an academic teacher, first at Human Physiology Institute, then, since 2002 at Department of Adult Psychiatry of Medical University in Łódź.

In 2003 I achieved a doctorate degree in Medicine. In 2012 I was qualified as an university professor in Medicine, specialization in Psychiatry.

I have the honour to work in one of the best team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Poland. People with a long-standing clinical and practical experience supported by the latest scientific knowledge. The Department of Adult Psychiatry of Łódź is currently one of the most thriving scientific centers dealing with psychiatry in Poland.

choroba schizofrenia
The term depression serves for defining pathologic mood and emotion disturbances. The border between usual sadness and depression as a pathological condition is not distinct. We should remember though, that depression is a serious and very frequent disease (it concerns about 17% of population) in which the lowered mood is long term and independent on circumstances.

Main symptoms of depression:

  • decreased mood (sadness and immense unhappiness)
  • loss of interests and abilities to experience happiness (anhedonia), apathy,
  • fear (feeling of inner tension and danger, motor excitation, anxiety),
  • loss of energy, decreased activity, increased tiredness and fatigue,
  • weakening of attention concentration and ability to remember,
  • lowered self-evaluation and lack of self confidence in possibilities,
  • intensification of the sense of guilt and little value, lack of self confidence, sense of helplessness and hopelessness,
  • decrease in interests, weakening of contacts with others, isolation from people, fall of work abilities, personal hygiene neglect, troubles with decisions making,
  • pessimistic view of the future,
  • suicidal thoughts and tendencies, death considerations, thoughts “it would be better not to wake up”, loss of sense of life,
  • sleep disturbances (troubles with falling asleep, frequent waking up during the night, sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness during the day, lack of the rest sense in the morning, worse general feeling in the morning, better in the evening – seldom the other way),
  • appetite disturbances,
  • headaches, neck pains, backaches, dyspnoea (short breath), palpitation, xerostomia (dryness in the mouth), body mass loss.

Masked depression
In a substantial number of people suffering from depression the symptoms significantly differ from the described above, and then we speak about masked or atypical depression. The lowered mood is then “masked” by a different illness. In such cases of depression - more than a lowered mood - we observe dominant sense of: intensified fear, troubles of circulatory system, digestive or urinary system, chronic pains, constant tiredness, irritation. Simple cardiologic, gastrological, neurological or other specialist treatment is not effective. The cause is not a wrong treatment but the fact that the symptoms mentioned above are only a mask (equivalent) of depression and not a symptom of internal or neurological diseases.

Depression and suicide
Depressive disorders constitute a group of the biggest suicide risk. Such symptoms as: pessimism, sense of guilt, sense of hopelessness, negative attitude to future, conviction of “no way out” situation are the sufficient reason for suicidal thought realization – as the only way of solving disadvantageous situation. Following depressive syndromes are connected with intensified suicidal tendencies: intense fear and psychomotor anxiety which is accompanied by sleeplessness, hopelessness and being in “no way out” situation, conviction of the impossibility of healing, co-existence of serious somatic diseases and dependencies, intensified sense of guilt.

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