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piotr gałecki

I am a graduate of Military Medical University in Łódź. Just after studies I started work as an academic teacher, first at Human Physiology Institute, then, since 2002 at Department of Adult Psychiatry of Medical University in Łódź.

In 2003 I achieved a doctorate degree in Medicine. In 2012 I was qualified as an university professor in Medicine, specialization in Psychiatry.

I have the honour to work in one of the best team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Poland. People with a long-standing clinical and practical experience supported by the latest scientific knowledge. The Department of Adult Psychiatry of Łódź is currently one of the most thriving scientific centers dealing with psychiatry in Poland.

choroba mania
Clinical picture of manic state is to a significant extent the opposition of depression. The patient is in a constant increased, agitated mood expressed by a heightened general feeling. Such person has a sense of abilities for doing unusual deeds, both of intellectual and physical competence. They often make unreal plans for future and they do not take any real possibilities into account. The content of a patient’s expressions is often in the form of superiority delusions. Any opposition to a patient’s behavior results in their anger and irritation and tendency to conflicts. The behavior of the patients is characterized by recklessness and prodigality and the tendency to conclusion of ill-judged commercial deals (loans), or accidental sexual contacts or doing unnecessary shopping. Psychomotor drive of these people is intensified and the course of thinking accelerated. These patients, in spite of the shortage of sleep, reveal excessive mobility and activity. Their speech is fast, brilliant and witty. There is also a significant switch of attention and everything happening in the close surrounding evokes only brief interest.

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