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I am a graduate of Military Medical University in Łódź. Just after studies I started work as an academic teacher, first at Human Physiology Institute, then, since 2002 at Department of Adult Psychiatry of Medical University in Łódź.

In 2003 I achieved a doctorate degree in Medicine. In 2012 I was qualified as an university professor in Medicine, specialization in Psychiatry.

I have the honour to work in one of the best team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Poland. People with a long-standing clinical and practical experience supported by the latest scientific knowledge. The Department of Adult Psychiatry of Łódź is currently one of the most thriving scientific centers dealing with psychiatry in Poland.

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Personality disorders are permanent, starting in childhood or adolescence, and lasting into adult life, persistent, dominant disorders of inner experiences and behaviors which cause suffering or substantial impairment in social functioning. Personality disorders take different forms - as problems in cognitive processes (way of perceiving and thinking about themselves and others), feelings (range, intensity and emotional reaction appropriateness) and behavior (interpersonal, vocational and social functioning and control over impulsive behaviors)

We distinguish:

Paranoid personality
These are personality disorders which are characterized by excessive sensitivity to failures, inability to forgive insult, suspicion and tendency of interpretation of indifferent behaviors of other people as hostile, recurrent suspicion without evidence concerning sexual marital or partnership fidelity and inflexibility in own rights defense.

Schizoid personality
It is characterized by withdrawal from emotional, social and other contacts, tendency to fantasizing, activity in loneliness and introspection; limitation of ability to express the feelings and sense of pleasure.

Dissocial personality
It is characterized by neglecting social obligations, not taking into consideration other peoples’ feelings, substantial disproportion between behavior and accepted social standards. This behavior is not easily changed after different negative experiences, punishment included. There is also tendency to blaming others, aggression.

Emotionally unstable personality (Impulsive type, Borderline type)
It is characterized by a distinct tendency to impulsive actions without prediction of consequences, changeable mood impossible to foresee. There is also a tendency to emotional outbursts, inability of impulsive actions, tendency to aggressive behaviors and conflicts with others.

Histrionic personality
It is characterized by a shallow and unstable emotionality, tendency to dramatization, theatricality, excessive emotional expression, suggestiveness, egocentrism, leniency to themselves, not taking into accounts other people’s needs, excessive pique and desire for interests and recognition from other people. Suicidal attempts happen quite often.

Anankastic personality
It is characterized by a tendency to uncertainty, doubts, perfectionism, excessive scrupulosity, necessity of checking and dealing with trifles, stiffness, obstinacy and carefulness.

Avoidant personality
It is characterized by the sense of tension, fear, uncertainty and inferiority, desire for acceptance and recognition, excessive sensitivity to rejection and criticism, reducing personal and social bonds and the tendency to avoiding of some actions through constant exaggeration of potential danger or risk in everyday situations. These people often suffer from depressive and anxiety disorders (especially social phobias).

Dependent personality
It is characterized by a passive basing on others in making more or less important life decisions, excessive fear of abandonment, sense of hopelessness and incompetence, passive subservience to wishes of people older than themselves and others and insufficient fulfilling of everyday duties. There is also often tendency to transferring responsibilities on others

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