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I am a graduate of Military Medical University in Łódź. Just after studies I started work as an academic teacher, first at Human Physiology Institute, then, since 2002 at Department of Adult Psychiatry of Medical University in Łódź.

In 2003 I achieved a doctorate degree in Medicine. In 2012 I was qualified as an university professor in Medicine, specialization in Psychiatry.

I have the honour to work in one of the best team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Poland. People with a long-standing clinical and practical experience supported by the latest scientific knowledge. The Department of Adult Psychiatry of Łódź is currently one of the most thriving scientific centers dealing with psychiatry in Poland.

choroba schizofrenia
Schizophrenia is one of the most mysterious and the deepest of all psychiatric disorders. In this disease the abilities of reality recognition, emotional reactions, thinking process, judgment formulation and the ability of communication become so deteriorated that patient’s functioning is significantly handicapped. In most cases hallucinations and illusions are also present.

Schizophrenia is also a reason of serious changes in social psychic functioning of patients. In some patients these changes can be of transient character but in majority of cases they come back every other time or they become chronic. Gradual deterioration of schizophrenic patient is inevitable.

New neuroleptic medicines and also psychotherapeutic and psycho rehabilitation treatment give a big hope in case of treatment of schizophrenia.

The key role in the therapy is played by professionally ordered and clinically controlled pharmacotherapy with modern anti-psychotic drugs. At the moment the treatment can be run by using, for instance, preparations in a depot form (drug injection – every 2 - 4 weeks), oral treatment not necessary then. The therapy conducted in this manner minimizes side effects and additionally allows for patient’s correct functioning in professional, family and social environment.

Main schizophrenia symptoms:

  • auditory/visual hallucinations,
  • the feeling of overwhelming (the belief that someone directs our behavior),
  • delusions and other thinking disturbances ( the feeling that thoughts are sent or withdrawn from the brain, that others may hear them),
  • change of emotions – feelings become foggy or less clear and can be described as ‘flattened’, decrease in initiative and energy, fear, depression, irritation,
  • withdrawal from contacts with other people,
  • difficulties with concentration,
  • sleep and nutrition disturbances,
  • lack of personal hygiene care.

Schizophrenia belongs to the most common psychiatric diseases. About 1% of population suffers from it, and the disease is present in every part of the world and in every human race irrespectively on culture or social status. The onset of the disease falls most often between 15 and 35 years. Earlier beginning is observed more often in male than in female population. Moreover, people born in winter and early spring are more prone to this disease. the percentage of acute symptoms remission of this disease is, in two year period, 40% in patients taking drugs systematically, and 80% in patients who stopped taking them willfully. The prognosis in women is usually better than in men.

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